Sunday, April 8, 2007

Heartilicious Pink / White

Get your hands on these pair of earrings! They look really nice when worn, if you want, can ask for the pictures from me :) Selling for $3.50 per pair! Remakes possible, just order.

dainty fair @ 10:42 PM

Set Your Heart Alive

Ever wish that your heart was alive? Well now you can! Simply $3 and you will be the proud owner of this handphone strap and you can flaunt it around. :) Remakes possible, just order!

dainty fair @ 10:37 PM

Dance with Your Heart Brooch

Felt like you could dance and your heart just follow the steps? This is the brooch you should get your hands on! Just $4 and it will be yours! Remakes possible, just order. :)

dainty fair @ 10:26 PM

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Love-licious Keychain

White and Pink heart keychain for sale! Each keychain selling at $3. Remakes possible, just order and I will get back to you :)

dainty fair @ 6:19 PM

Dangle All Night Long

2 great pairs of earrings! One is butterfly design and the other, star design. Length of each is about 7.5cm long. Each pair selling at only $3. Get it now! :) Order if out of stock.

dainty fair @ 6:13 PM

Rose De Beau
Rose Charms Bracelet, only $5.
Remarks possible,but please order first. :)

dainty fair @ 6:03 PM

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